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VR CASE virtual reality glasses give playing games or watching videos a whole new dimension.
The comfortable headset turns your smartphone into 3D using VR CASE and lets you enjoy VR games or videos.
The virtual reality glass is suitable for smartphones, IOS, and Androids.

DESIGNED FOR COMFORT – T-shaped straps make it adjustable for different people Made of premium, high-quality lightweight material for extended wear. Adjustable straps and stylish face padding makes it easy to securely mount to your head and fit comfortably for a more enjoyable experience

WIDE COMPATIBILITY – Immersive experience for VR and movies. Intuitive focus capability allows for adjusting depth and distance between eyes giving optimal customization and wide field of view (FOV) creating a high degree of optimization for your high definition (HD) viewing pleasure Ultra-clear coated lens, 360°panoramic video encircling new viewing mode 360° immersive visual effect.


VR Case
Remote control
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